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Hello everyone,

Welcome back to a new week in kindergarten 1!

Today we started our day with a morning group time. We each shared what we enjoyed doing over our weekends and introduced some new learning topics that we will focus on for the week. We then completed our daily calendar and transitioned smoothly into morning tea time.

Now that we were ready for the day, Kindy class engaged in many of their favorite classroom activities based on their interests. Today we especially dived into our new Science topic for the week: the human body. Today we got to build a skeleton. We built a skeleton and placed the bones in the correct place. This helped us develop fine motor skills with the cutting and gluing activity, as well as expand our vocabulary relating to human anatomy. This week we will learn about the importance of bones for protection and movement and how to look after/strengthen our bones.

We were also introduced to our new x-ray table. We got to explore x-ray pictures onto our light box and look forward to all of the Kindy resources that will help us dive further into our Science topic for the week 🙂

After showing our initiative and packing away the classroom, we got to join as a class for our weekly Yoga lesson. Miss Hailey calmed our bodies and let us tune into our bodies energy and relax our minds. We listened to some sounds/noises and practiced some positions with our bodies. Thank you Miss Hailey 🙂

Soon enough, it was time for us all to fill our tummies up with a big lunch followed by a quiet rest, ready for the remainder of our Monday.

We hope you have all had a positive start to your week and we look forward to what this week has in store for Kindergarten 1!

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana