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Welcome back to a new week in the Kindergarten 1 classroom!

As we all arrived to Kindy recharged and ready for our Monday ahead, we joined for a morning group time with Miss Tatyana. We shared what we did during our weekends and made each other feel welcome and happy to be back 🙂 We then completed our daily calendar and read the story ‘Chatterbox’. The children loved the fun and silly sides to the story of Daisy the baby saying her first words and turning into a chatterbox.

After having morning tea, Kindergarten enjoyed their free-play and activities in the classroom environment. We loved our puzzles and getting creative in our arts/craft area. Today, Kindergarten especially enjoyed an activity with Mr Andrew that involved a little worksheet with different groups of objects on it. The children had to try and guess or estimate the correct amount. This helped with skills like counting, number recognition and problem solving to create strategies to estimate the number of objects. We had fun and it was awesome to see them give it a go!

This morning, the children were introduced to a new topic of Dinosaurs in our Science area. We were shown a special book that told us a bit about what a paleontologist is and how they might use their brush and tools to search for fossils. We are excited to dive into this week’s new science topic! 

We then all participated in our weekly Yoga lesson with Miss Hailey. We relaxed our bodies, stretched and listened to instructions nicely. We love Yoga class! Thank you Miss Hailey.

We soon joined in a small group time and played a dice game. The children have been fascinated with one of the dice games in our class called the “immunity game” where two teams (viruses vs. immune cells) roll the dice against each other too see who will get the higher number and win the battle. We extended the interest in dice games with a probability game where we had teams of 7 and every person had a job. 6 people had a whiteboard and pen and were to record when their number gets rolled with a tally mark. One person was also the designated roller. Skills learnt were counting, number recognition, being able to observe and record something, being introduced to probability themes and numeracy themes.

It was then time for us all to prepare for rest/quiet time and enjoy some delicious and filling lunch.

Thank you for a marvelous Monday friends, see you all soon 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana