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Welcome Riversdale families and friends to another week here in the Kindergarten 1 classroom! This morning we played indoors with our “Schoolies” friends and enjoyed lots of construction activities and board games. We then headed outdoors for some more active play outdoors. The swing and jungle gym were definite favourites today as our friends aimed to test their gross motor skills.

Soon after we headed inside to wash our hands and gather on the big green mat for group time. Miss Tatyana called out the roll and changed our calendar for the day and the children were all excited to see it was a new month! Shortly after it was morning tea time and it was awesome to hear phrases like “I tried a little bit of passionfruit today” or “I didn’t like the cereal but I had a little bit”. We have been putting a big focus on understanding more about food and recognising food groups and what they can do for us (energy, immunity, growth, mood etc.) so it is awesome to see so many brave and adventurous children trying new things.

Our most exciting activity of the day was definitely the smelling and “taste test station” where we had four distinct smells and flavours (sugar water, salty water, dilute lemon juice and dilute coffee). The children were blindfolded and had to try and guess and describe each flavour to see if they could get it right. The children have ben getting very good at understanding predictions and using problem solving skills to figure things out.

Miss Hailey returned for our weekly yoga sessions to help the children with different techniques to stretch their bodies and relax their minds. The children love her interesting songs and games and it is a great moment to pause and reflect on some happy thoughts and words.

In the afternoon we plan to split into two groups and take turns art the following activities:

  • Group 1 will do a big bird spotting adventure in the playground
  • Group 2 will explore the vegetable and herb garden

Thanks for joining us today, enjoy your evenings 🙂

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana