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Jingeri and welcome to the Kindy 1 blog today.

This morning Miss Steph and Miss Manuela welcomed the children into Kindy 2 and then eventually into the big senior yard. The children enjoyed some stories together in a big group as well as some ball games and hide and seek with Miss Steph.

As we came indoors we made sure to tidy the playground so that it was ready for the next class who wanted to play there. This has been a big focus for the class last week and this week as we head into our “manners” show on Wednesday. Keeping the environment tidy is an important part of respecting it and other people. It also helps look after our resources so they don’t get lost of broken.

At group time we took turns at being a leader for the action game we were playing. We then chose our own totems that we will stick on our family tree leaves. There were lots of interesting choices such as tigers, dogs, and sea creatures. In the afternoon we will paint these and write our names on them.

Our other morning activities included:

  • Making a thank you card for the Pimpama Fire service
  • Finishing our individual stories we have been writing
  • Introducing our science topic around muscles and doing arm wrestles
  • Playing our “hoops” game – one player calls out a secret code word which means the others have to run to a hoop, but they can trick them by saying similar sounding words (great for learning phonics and what letter words begin with and also rhyming words)

In the afternoon we will have a music session and do our wheelbarrow game for our sport and movement session (see daily program).

Thanks for joining us today and have a wonderful afternoon.

Mr Andrew, Miss Steph and Miss Manuela

P.S apologies for no photos we will send these with tomorrows daily program