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Welcome back to a new week Kindergarten!

As we started our day with a morning group time, we welcomed one another and our educators. We completed our daily calendar and spoke about what we did during our weekends. We also did a little Show and Tell as Ayla brought in a beautiful picture of her and her family and told the class a bit about it. We love hearing from you guys 🙂

After our morning tea we gathered again at the tables to practice drawing some flags as it was “Mother Tongue Week”. We drew flags relating to our families cultures and learnt a couple different ways to say hello in different languages and our wonderful flags will be displayed in our foyer for everyone to have a look at. We encourage all families to dress up in anything cultural for the rest of the week and teach your educators and children some new words in your “mother tongue” as we are all keen to learn. This activity was a great moment to discuss other cultures and practice our fine motor skills with drawing and writing and it was awesome to see some creative license too to make their own wonderful art pieces.

Later in the morning we packed away the classroom and headed outdoors to play in our playground which was set up with some different physical challenges like obstacle courses, balance beams bikes and ball games. We didn’t get time to set up our wonderful herbs, vegetables or flowers for our garden as Miss Hailey arrived to explore some yoga activities with us so this will be the plan for the afternoon as many children have been keen to explore the gardens and get amongst the soil.

We will try a little experiment where the seeds will get exposure to sun, water and good soil but some won’t get sun, others wont get water others wont get soil and we will observe how they grow so that we can learn about plant biology.

Please sign a permission form the aquatic wildlife show if your child is here next Wednesday. These need to be signed and returned to the office or an educator by this FRIDAY 26th February! Thank you 🙂

Have a fantastic rest of your Monday everyone!

Mr Andrew, Miss Tatyana