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Happy Monday everyone and welcome back to a new week!

Today we waited for all of our friends to arrive and enjoyed a big morning play outside! As we came inside for a group time, we sat together and sang a new Good Morning song that Mr Andrew taught us to welcome and introduce ourselves to a new member of the Kindergarten class! Welcome Oli.P 🙂

During group time, we also discussed what art activities we enjoy doing so that Miss Tatyana can make sure all of our favorite craft activities are available for us in our creative area. It was awesome to see everyone have their own opinions and share their interests with the class. We want the Kindergarten class to each always feel like a valued member of the cohort 🙂

After we self-served ourselves for morning tea, Mr Andrew demonstrated a cool new activity that we will focus on this week for our Science corner called Sink or Float. It involved different objects around the room and a bowl of water, while we asked the children weather they could predict if it would Float or Sink? We did really well with our predictions and observations on each object, good job friends 🙂 After our observations, we were also taught to wipe/dry the object from the bowl and place it on the Sink or Float container. This was a great new activity that can help nurture our curiosity and assists in their brain development. By using materials that the children like to play with, it helps them to grow big ideas and understand fundamental concepts!

Following on from that, Kindergarten explored the room and played amongst each other in their favorite areas. We loved doing some cooking and imaginative play, arts and craft and many more! The Floor book is another popular activity to explore at the moment. At quiet time after lunch we are adding pictures to a big scrapbook to document what we have been learning over the weeks. The children are able to have input about what they learnt or enjoyed and it is a great way to revisit learning and see if the interest is still there for that topic.

After packing away our room, we all got ourselves ready to go out for a quick play outside. Today, we dived into a tennis game which involved some hurdles, a swinging tennis ball on string and some rackets. The idea was to jump over the hurdles while hitting the ball on the roof with our rackets; and we would continue on with different levels of difficulty. This allowed us to practice our coordination, balance, improve our quick reaction time and builds on our strength! We had lots of fun 🙂

It was then time for us all to make our way inside for some lunch and have a quiet rest.

Thank you Kindergarten for a great start to our week, and we hope you have a very happy Australia Day!!

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana