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Hello and welcome to a new week here at Riversdale. The Kindy class was a place of laughter and joy today as the children compared hairstyles for crazy hair day and had a blast with the craft resources to make their own crazy faces and hairstyles. The big theme of the day was being comfortable with your own sense of style.

We also had a slideshow to explore cystic fibrosis which is a genetic condition which affects the mucous fluids and causes difficulties with breathing, digestion and also can lead to chronic infections. We learnt about the condition and what we can do to help those who have it. Afterwards we went around the circle and discussed what we are thankful for This was a great exercise for developing an awareness of other people’s struggles and also acknowledging the wonderful things we have in our own lives.

Outdoors we continued our sea creature I spy hunts which are ever so popular and also played lots of imagination and role playing games. Including being master chefs in the kitchen, pirates in our newly restored wooden boat and animals lurking around the slides and sandpit. These type of games are excellent for developing social skills as the children have to consider the needs of others as well as communicate their own needs and wants.

In the afternoon we plan to have our regular music session as well as our sport and movement session which will be catching games today. Later on we will set up our long jump and high jump events to begin our Olympic theme for the week. We’ve painted medals and they are ready to be handed out. The educators aren’t just looking for the longest and highest jumps but also for children who are trying their best and looking to improve and beat their own records.

All children will get a medal at some point during the week so keep encouraging your children to try their best at each and every sport and event!

Thanks for joining us today. Enjoy your evenings.

Mr Andrew and Miss T’arn