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Hello and welcome to a new week here in the Kindy 1 classroom here at Riversdale. We hope everyone had a great weekend. The children arrived bright and happy and ready to start a new day. We had a few children away today so we had lots of opportunities to have some small group interactions .

Mr Andrew took small groups to practice some fruit drawing from our story at group time this morning. We discussed shapes, colours, textures and other things that we can put in our drawings to change how they look. We focused on our pencils grips as well to get ready for all the writing and drawing at school.

Miss Jess took others outside to try and find some living things in our playground to extend on our topic from Friday. The children had fun digging deep and looking in every corner trying to find some interesting living things. Once found, they had to draw them on the paper. We have had lots of drawing practice today so well done Kindy class!

Later in the morning we headed outdoors for some free play. The outdoor kitchen was particularly popular today as the children filled up their pots, pans and buckets with sand, bark and water to make their “meals”. We might make some more playdough together this afternoon to extend on this interest in the messy play outdoors.

Later in the afternoon we will practice some different jumping games to challenge ourselves even more from our gymnastics session last week.

Thanks for joining us today. Mr Andrew and Miss Jess