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Hello and welcome to the Kindy 1 blog on this wonderful Monday.

Our early arrivers enjoyed the Kindy 2 yard this morning before heading to the big senior yard where the rest of our class joined us for fun times riding around on bikes, ball games, playing on the swing, exploring the sandpit and other natural areas of the playground.

For our group time this morning we called the roll, changed our calendar and did an estimating activity where the class had to guess how many children were here today the guesses ranged from 1-85 so we will have to keep practicing this skill so we can get more accurate with our guesses. Well done to Connor who guessed the closest with 20.

Throughout the morning the children chose their own free play activities such as lego creations, puzzles, cardboard crafts, drawing, domino constructions and more! Some children helped out taking down some of our artwork off the walls and placing them in the children’s art folders. This was a great activity for letter recognition and independence skills to organise the class environment on their own.

We headed outdoors again before lunch to enjoy some more sport and movement games and release some more energy before lunch.

In the afternoon we plan to start our own books that we will write and illustrate individually with a little help from the teachers. We hope to create some wonderful stories and bind them when they are complete so the children can take them home and keep them forever.

Thanks for joining us today, have a wonderful afternoon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana

P.S if you would like to schedule a parent educator meeting this Wednesday between 3-5pm there are still a couple of slots available