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Happy Monday everyone!

Kindergarten had a great start to their day with a happy morning group time. We completed our daily calendar and shared what we all did on the weekend 🙂 We also engaged in a little Show and Tell as India brought back the classroom share bag. She chose to show the class a special necklace that she has which symbolizes her special bond with her big sister. Thank you Indi for bringing back something special in the share bag. This week we will send it home to someone else in the class to share with us all 🙂

After some refreshing morning tea, Kindergarten enjoyed some inside play of their choice. We particularly liked playing with some green play-dough that we made and some home-corner role play as doctors and hairdressers! We had lots of fun doing so 🙂

In our Science corner, there is always a new focus for the week. This week Kindergarten will have the opportunity to explore and learn more about different lights! Mr Andrew had set up a LED table as well as a UV light box. Both in which we can use to discover different things. Today, we used our colored counters to highlight the different colors and even matched two counters together to make a new color; like the blue and red counter on the LED table turned into one purple counter! We also participated in an activity with Miss Tatyana collecting some flowers around our garden to experiment what we see when we put our flowers under the UV light. Kindergarten predicted that we would see the flower change color or even might of seen different living organisms on it. Our predictions were in fact correct! And through this experiment we learnt and discussed that flower petals contain pigments that absorb UV light, producing patterns presumably visible to, and providing guidance to insect pollinators, but not to humans. The purpose of this week’s focus will help develop new light and color vocabulary such as reflection, refraction, ray, and prism as the children play and take part in this light and color activity. We have lots more to experiment and learn in our Science corner this week 🙂

Kindergarten then enjoyed participating in Miss Hailey’s Yoga class today before getting ready for lunchtime and a quiet rest.

We look forward to what this new week has in store and all of the learning and positive opportunities that the Kindergarten 1 class has to offer for each and every one of us!

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana