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Hello everyone,

Welcome to a Thriving Thursday!

As we came inside and joined together for our morning group time, we completed our daily calendar and sang some songs! We then transitioned to wash hands for some self-serving of our morning tea.

After packing away and drinking lots of water, Kindergarten dived into a bunch of their favorite classroom activities. We loved home corner play today as we cooked some food and had a tea party! We also enjoyed some drawing and chalkboard drawing, the stick game and a throwing and number game in our games corner. We then got to do a color collaging activity where we cut out colored pieces of paper and glued them each to make a rainbow! We had lots of fun doing this today!

We then got a visit from Mr Daniel for our weekly ARAKAN lesson. We all participated and enjoyed doing ARAKAN with our friends. Thank you Mr Daniel 🙂

Soon after, Kindergarten joined for an afternoon group time with Miss Tatyana and read a story of their choice called ‘The midnight unicorn’. It was then time for us to get ourselves ready for lunch and a a quiet rest.

Thank you friends for a Thriving Thursday!

Kind regards

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana