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Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well and your day has been a positive one!

On this rainy Thursday, Kindergarten 1 class started their day with their Kindergarten 2 friends. We all played games like the Spy Game and Musical Statues. We also sang some of our favorite songs and danced! What a happy start to our day, thank you Kindergarten 2 for having us 🙂

As we transitioned into our classroom, we sat on our mat for a group time as always. Kindergarten completed our daily calendar and spoke about the weather today. We also showed our best listening skills for Harvey as he brought back the Share Bag today. Harvey showed the class his balloon from his birthday on the weekend, he’s plastic microphone as he loves to sing and his 2 favorite books! His friends were super interested and it was awesome to see them ask so many great questions. Thank you Harvey for sharing 🙂

After having some morning tea, Kindy began exploring their classroom activities. There was lots of play-dough play today, reading books, drawing/coloring and home corner fun! We especially loved and focused in our Science corner. As we have learnt lots about recycling this week, the children have enjoyed a little card matching game that required their knowledge of where each of the food scraps go. This was also a perfect way to extend on our learning of our new bins; the compost bin, rubbish bin and our recycling bin!

We then got to attend our weekly ARAKAN lesson with Mr Dan. We followed instructions well and used our physical skills and power to extend on our marshal arts. Good job Kindy!

After packing away our classroom, we all joined for a quick sports and movement session with Mr Andrew. Kindergarten engaged in some throwing, catching and balancing games which we really enjoyed!

We then prepared ourselves for lunch time and to fill our bellies up. During our quiet time, we also got to continue to plant our little seedlings for our garden. 

Thank you friends for a thriving Thursday 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana

P.S. remember that we have some speech pathology students from Griffith’s University coming to observe the classroom and do some other activities with the children so if you would like your child to be involved in this then please return your permission slips to the office or the Kindergarten educators by THIS FRIDAY 12TH MARCH (forms have been emailed to families or else can be picked up at the reception)