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Hello Riversdale families,

Welcome to a Thriving Thursday!

This morning was spent outside in our yard, exploring and playing with all of our friends, settling into the day. We all had such a happy play on this beautiful Thursday morning 🙂

When Kindergarten gathered on the mat for our morning group time, Miss Tatyana sang some morning songs and we all welcomed one another for an inclusive and interactive start to our day! It is important that each child is acknowledged and greeted as they are each valued and a special part to the Kindergarten room 🙂 To finish off group time we also read a story of their choice that was all about teamwork! Then followed by us contributing to complete our daily calendar.

We then made our way to wash hands and prepare for some morning tea. After that we got a visit from Mr Daniel for our weekly ARAKAN lesson! We participated in small groups to really engage and enjoy our time during today’s class. Well done friends, we had so much fun!

Back in the room, all of our friends were happily engaged in some of their favorite classroom activities. There was lots of play-dough as a sensory experience. Also some painting and drawing with our water-colors and pencils; and Mr Andrew even helped us recognize and learn how to write the letters and our names! There was also lots of puzzle play and discussions about the daily calendar, consistently working on our days of the week and months of the year. Today we especially enjoyed our Science corner filled with different magnetic parts. The children were fond of experiencing the magnetic force and pulls that each magnet had to each other. Some of them even went around the room exploring what other materials and objects were magnetic. Well done Kindergarten, it was great to see the interest!

It was then time for us all to pack away, which the children are getting good at packing away the activities they were playing with. This is a great way to develop good habits as well as learning how to sort and categorize things and value their belongings.

We had a little afternoon group time and danced and sang some of our favorite songs as a cohort, before it was time for a big lunch and a quiet rest.

Thank you Kindergarten 1 for an awesome day!

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana