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Welcome friends and families

We have two big messages to share today. First we would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Emisyn who is turning 4 today! We plan to have a party in the afternoon where Emisyn can share some toys from the birthday box with her friends and enjoy some fun dance party music.

Our second big message is to wish Miss Tatyana a wonderful last day here at Riversdale and wish her well in her future endeavours. We had an awesome morning tea spread for the teachers and the children have all been giving hugs and nice comments all day about how much they have appreciated her and will miss her. We will too!

Our activities this morning have been fairly spontaneous, we decided to wash all of the chairs today so a few of the children helped bring the chairs outdoors and give them a thorough scrub and wash. We left them to dry in the sun and helped place them around the tables after. What a great activity for building a sense of responsibility in the classroom and a care for their environment.

Mr Dan arrived for our weekly Arakan martial arts session where the children practiced responding to different cue words to race across the tree house. They also practiced learning left and right hands, catching moving targets and striking the gloves. Activities like this build a sense of confidence and control of their bodies both important skills heading into school environments and organised sports. While one group did this the other group measured their heights. Our rough estimates went as follows (all measurements in cm):

Indi 106   Harvey 111   Denis 109   Chi 110   Carter 111   Harry 110   Willow 112   Marlie 111   Connor 107   Asher 110          Ollie 112   Lily 116   Ayla 114   Floyd 118   Kaylee 114   Arlo 112   Jake 123

In our most anticipated activity for the day we did a “bone hunt” where the children had to look at the map of the playground and find the bone locations by reading where the red “X”s were on the map. This activity developed visual literacy and verbal language skills to describe the bone locations.

In the afternoon we plan to split the class for a little bit to enjoy some sport and movement sessions and music time. This is a great part of the day where the children often have input for what songs or games they are enjoying at the moment.

P.S. The photos for today’s blog are on display near our classroom door 🙂

Thanks for joining us and have a wonderful evening!

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana