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Hello everyone,

Hope you have all been having a thriving Thursday like we have 🙂

This morning we enjoyed our Arakan martial arts lesson while others explored some new activities in the classroom like some number blocks and also a special 1 metre high rocket model with working pulley systems and booster parts. The children shared and took turns wonderfully while Mr Dan took 10 children at a time into the tree house for the martial arts lesson where they played some quick reactions games, tested their strength with left and right “High-5s” on the gloves.

The other big exciting activity for the day was our “Kindergarten Amazing Race” where the children had to decipher clues to find the locations. When they got to the locations there would be small posters that had a question or a challenge that the children had to do. The challenges tested them on their knowledge about the alphabet, numbers and space while also testing their physical skills like balancing during the physical challenges.

Our focus this week has been on caring for ourselves, everyone and the environment. We have read many stories (check out the daily program to see the specific book titles) emphasising the importance that we are all capable people with our own interests and preferences in what we like to play with or what we like to wear. We have been reinforcing our classroom rules and setting the children up for success by acting appropriately in shared spaces like the classroom or outdoor playground. And lastly we have been placing a big importance on keeping our classroom and playground spaces tidy by using equipment properly and putting it back where we got it from.

In the afternoon we plan to play some “Kickball” which is a similar concept to baseball but with kicking a soccer ball instead. The children have really enjoyed playing some larger organised sports games in the afternoon so we will try and expose them to lots of different games to expand their skills sets and ability to learn new games.

Thanks for reading our blog today. Enjoy your evening everyone!

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana