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Welcome to our Thursday blog here in Kindergarten 1. We hope you all felt welcome this morning as families are allowed back into classrooms. I’m sure the children had lots of exciting things to share with you and we look forward to being able to showcase more of the activities we are doing in the classroom.

We had the wonderful Miss Jess and Miss Ari with the children this morning and they enjoyed some different experiences like painting some Australian wildlife of their choice. Our theme was “dangerous animals” in line with our show today and the children had big discussions as they carefully painted their wonderful pictures.

We also continued our “all about me” sheets to continue to build our sense of identities and belonging to the centre by sharing information about ourselves with our friends and peers. It also helps to practice articulating what we like and don’t like as this is an important skill for real life and being able to interact and work alongside others. We will try and present these after our animal show today.

Speaking of the animal show, at the time of writing we are just tidying up and getting ready for the show so be sure to ask your children how it went and we might even included some photos tomorrow about what was in the show.