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Hello everyone,

Welcome to today’s blog!

We started our day with a morning group time as a class. We completed our daily calendar and spoke about how today was a special occasion: Earth Day! We discussed what this day is all about and why it is important. We introduced a little activity where we had to brainstorm ways in which we could help protect and look after our Earth. Later on, we then got to split into small groups to go more in depth and see how many things we could come up with. Doing this to discuss ideas to look after our planet is great for the children to develop confidence to speak in front of others as we encourage everyone to speak and share. As well as help provide opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving to try and figure out solutions, get the children to have ownership over an idea which makes the plan more effective when you then implement it, and also promotes a positive attitude towards the environment and builds a sense of responsibility for looking after it! We came up with some beautiful and wholesome ideas; great job friends!

After we had our morning tea we began our classroom activities. As well as explore our favorite areas in our classroom environment, Kindy 1 class got to be be involved in a Earth collage experience. The children got to make their own collage paper using earth colors such as blue and green etc. There was also paint and gluing for us to get creative and make our very own art that represented Earth day! Some of us tried to create our own planet Earth, while others just freely expressed themselves. Either way, we thoroughly enjoyed this activity 🙂

Kindergarten then got a visit from Mr Daniel for our weekly ARAKAN martial arts lesson! We all participated and engaged so well and had lots of fun being active little martial art friends 🙂

It was then time for us all to pack away the classroom and transition outside for a quick sports and movement session with Miss Tatyana. Today we all learnt how to throw a frisbee and played some throwing and catching games. Our physical skills and agility were put to the test today!

Because it has been Natures week, we were encouraged to engage in activities and be more in our outside environment. We were allowed more time to be in nature by bringing tables and activities outdoors, exploring our vegetable/herb garden and caring for it with watering cans. This is such a nice way to just take a simple step back, appreciate our environment and enhance what Natures Week is all about 🙂

It was then time for us all to join for a big lunch and rest our bodies, ready for the remainder of our day.

Thank you everyone, we have had such a thriving Thursday!

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana