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Welcome to the Thursday blog for the Kindy 1 classroom.

We started off our day with some indoor activities and story time in the Kindy 2 class before moving outdoors to explore the senior playground. This morning the children enjoyed some ball games and also a new ninja tag game where they have to sneak up on each other.

At group time we called the roll, changed our calendar and talked about our affirmation cards. We have been exploring these and discussing them at our afternoon tea times and today we used them as inspiration to make our own. Miss Jess sat with the children and got them to draw about their affirmation and there were some wonderful cards made with messages like “be kind to everyone”. It was a great extension to our good manners show yesterday.

We also got the children to each ask a question about the human body although this was a little trickier for them so we might use some resources and revisit it in the afternoon.

Throughout the rest of the morning the children enjoyed the following activities:

  • Paper plane making, we made lots of different styles and explored how differently the flew
  • Coloured sequencing game – trying to guess the patterns and what colours come next in the sequence using our coloured animal figurines
  • Number hunt – searching for numbers around the classroom and ticking them off the checklist
  • Alphabet hunt – same as above but for the letters of the alphabet

Mr Dan was here for the weekly Arakan lesson where he tested their skills at catching objects, chasing, tagging and dodging as well as reaction times in his racing game. There were lots of laughs and the children really challenge themselves during hte lessons so well done Kindy class!

In the afternoon we will continue our books and also explore the human body resources and see if it inspires any more questions for the children.

Thanks for joining us today, have a wonderful afternoon!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess