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Hello Riversdale friends and families and welcome to our Thursday blog today!

The early arrivers managed to get a little play outdoors with Kindergarten 2 before the rain came and when the others arrived we moved back to our room to enjoy some building with blocks, pictures bingo and relaxing books in our newly established “quiet corner”.

At group time we did our normal routine but played a little game to transition to wash our hands and have morning tea. Mr Andrew drew a big number line from 0-13 and the children had to roll a 12 sided dice, we would then ask them if they could name a number that was either higher or lower than theirs. They had to study the number line and understand that numbers towards the right were higher and towards the left were lower.

Another new activity was our mystery box! We took a photo of some classroom objects and placed them all in a box and had to try and pick out the specific item without looking inside the box. It was a great activity to practice problem solving skills to figure out the object and ended up being quite difficult so we might revisit this one some more.

Today we had another Arakan martial arts instructor who played games where the children had to move around and get into specific positions. The children loved getting active and showing what they are capable of and it is awesome to see the children get more confident each and every lesson.

In the afternoon we will explore some continent flashcards as a few children have been wanting to learn more about our world maps.

Thanks for joining us today. Have a wonderful rest of the week and we will see some of you tomorrow!

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana