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Hello everyone,

welcome to today’s blog 🙂

Kindergarten class began this beautiful day with an inclusive morning group time. We completed our daily calendar and went on about what we had in store for us all today. We also read a story of their choice and sang some of our favorite songs.

For morning tea, Kindergarten were sat at the tables and were very independent with self-serving their own food and washing up after themselves. Skills like this is great for the children to develop early and gain more responsibility and independence.

We then began our classroom activities and had a variety of engaging activities. We concentrated well on a number activity that required us to cut out the colored dots and had to match it to the number it came to. We also loved lots of construction activities today and was great to build on our fine-motor and problem solving skills!

Today, Kindy class got to be involved in coloring bunnies and making and decorating some biscuits! We made icing and decorated it in the spirit of Easter that is coming up. We loved making our very own Easter egg biscuits 🙂 Thank you Miss Vanessa for the opportunity!

Soon after, we got to participate in our weekly ARAKAN lesson. We had so much fun using our physical skills and feeling strong, aware and confident Kindergarten children!

We then joined for a little sports and movement session followed by an afternoon group time. Today, Oli had some cool things to show us as he brought back the classroom Share Bag. It is great to see the members of this class get up and talk about what they like and care about. Thank you Ollie for sharing with us today 🙂

It was then time for us all to prepare for our quiet/rest time and fill our bellies up with some delicious lunch. 

Thank you friends for a thriving Thursday 🙂

Kind regards,

Miss Tatyana and Miss Vanessa