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Hello everyone,

Welcome to today’s blog for Kindergarten 1!

This morning for group time we all completed the daily calendar as a class and read a story today called ‘Picnic’. We then did a lockdown practice drill as a centre. Miss Emma came around to check on everything and told us how we went. It was great to revisit and be prepared incase it were to ever occur. Kindergarten did a great job and it was awesome to see everyone look after one another and stay safe πŸ™‚

After some morning tea, Kindy class began their activities for the day. As well as explore our favorite areas of the classroom, Kindy class engaged in a range of activities. Today we particularly focused on a special positioning activity. Following on from the picnic book we read for group time we got involved in sticking, cutting and listening to instructions carefully. The story and this activity explored positioning words like above, below, next to, in front of, behind, on top etc. We were each given a set of instructions like β€œstick the apple in the middle of the page, stick the pear above the apple etc.” This activity aimed to help the children expand their vocabularies and follow instructions to achieve a goal. It even incorporated our basic skills of cutting, gluing and our concentration. We really enjoyed this one and all gave it a go πŸ™‚

We also extended on yesterday’s name collage activity through finding letters in a magazine. This time we aimed to create different words of our choice. It was great to see everyone develop their letter recognition skills and even extend on it and ask to create sentences!

Following on from today’s activities, Kindergarten attended their weekly ARAKAN martial arts lesson with Mr Daniel. Today we used our strength and stamina to strike and aim for targets. We love ARAKAN πŸ™‚

After that we also got to participate in a sports and movement session with Mr Andrew. Today we did some tennis games like throwing 10 bean bags to each child and seeing how many they could hit. This helped develop proper grip and hitting technique, hand-eye coordination as well as number recognition.

It was then time for us all to prepare the classroom for rest/quiet time and enjoy a nice meal for lunch as a class.

We hope you have all had a thriving Thursday and will see you all very soon.

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana