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Happy International Tiger Day everyone! The Kindy 1 class have celebrated with tiger face and arm painting and also some free expression drawing of our own tigers, there were so many distinct styles it was fantastic to see! The drawing skills of the Kindy class are really improving so well done everyone!

Our homework today is to do a little bit more research about tigers and endangered animals so feel free to make a poster and bring it to Kindy to share with us what you’ve learnt, we’d love to see them. We had lots of discussions during our free drawing and face painting to raise awareness about endangered animals and specifically tigers.

Other activities today included:

  • Arakan martial arts – lots of body part games, extending our knowledge of our anatomy and concepts of left and right
  • Light box exploration – colour mixing and pattern games with the coloured counters
  • Bingo – learning to comprehend two concepts at once like letters and numbers
  • Discus – using a frisbee to practice our discus shooting
  • Making the cheese arch – a highlight of the day for a few of our children as it was the first time they have managed this!
  • The floor is lava – making paths around the class using the foam dominoes (a spontaneous extension of one of our sport and movement games earlier this week)

We have had a change of plans and will have a 2 grand medal ceremonies either next week or the week after as the children are really enjoying the Olympic events and we might continue this throughout the entire games. We have been recording the winners of each event which have been children that not only score high but have shown persistence and determination to improve in each event.

Later in the afternoon we plan to split the group for our usual sport and movement sessions and indoor music and games. Today’s focus is throwing games and action songs.

Thanks for reading our blog today.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess