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Hello everyone,

We hope you are all having a thriving Thursday like we are in Kindergarten 1 🙂

This morning as we joined for group time, we welcomed one another and our educators as an inclusive start to our day. We then completed our daily calendar and talked about what we had in store for today. Kindy class then were happy to hear all about Bob the Sloths adventure with Denis! Denis showed the class what they got up to and spoke about some of his favorite things. Thank you Denis for sharing with us all and we look forward to see who will be taking Bob on his next adventure!

After morning tea which all of our friends absolutely loved, we moved on to some fun activities and play. Inside we enjoyed some free play, some of our friends enjoyed building and counting with the giant foam dominoes. This was great for our friends as it built on their number recognition and counting skills. It also encouraged collaborative and cooperative play and turn taking skills all while communicating with one another what they were building and why. Was lovely to observe our friends!

Miss Crystal had a super fun art activity which was a continuation on our learning and understanding of Reconciliation Week and the Indigenous culture. We had a range of our favourite Australian animals and also picked some of them taking inspiration from some of our favourite Dreamtime Stories, like ‘The Rainbow Serpent’. We were encouraged to choose either a picture of a snake, kangaroo or lizard then using a lead pencil draw our own interpretation of the image. After we had drawn them we traced over it in marker to stand out and used the Indigenous flag colors red, black and yellow and did dot painting and patterns. Our friends were very proud of their drawings and finished painting and loved showing them off.

Next we had Arakan! We love Arakan time! Our friends went up into the clubhouse and practiced some of their best Arakan moves, they had a lot of confidence! Arakan is great as it encourages us to move our bodies and also learn some awesome moves if we ever choose to do karate or Arakan in the future!

After Arakan, some friends continued with their paintings while others took turns outside with Miss Tatyana where they had a discussion about road safety and what it means. Our friends thought very hard about this and had some excellent points, some of these included, “Looking both ways before crossing the road!”, “Holding someone’s hand”, “Cars should stop at red lights!”, “Cars should go at green lights” and “Walk across the road not run”. These were some great and very important points. To extend on this we used our wooden road pieces and worked together to build a road. Our friends paired up and took turns, one holding a paddle with green and red on each side and the other with a car, the paddle would be turned to either red or green and remembering some of the road rules our friends would safely drive their cars on the road! Great work everyone! So proud we are so aware of what it is to be safe on the roads!

Thank you so much for such an awesome day today in the Kindergarten Room!

Have a lovely afternoon,

Miss Crystal and Miss Tatyana xxx