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Hello Riversdale families,

Today Kindergarten class joined for a happy morning group time. We welcomed one another and completed our daily calendar! We also did some Show and Tell this morning, as lots of us wanted to share something different with the class. Here is a list of what everyone brought:

  • Willow – a Marvin the Martian figurine
  • Chi – some Peppa pig birthday cake stickers
  • Indi – a tiny baby pinecone from the bark
  • Emisyn who had the official share bag this week! – a soft pink bunny that would giggle when you pressed a button

It was awesome to hear so many friends confidently sharing their stories about their special items and the children listened so attentively and asked great questions.

Mr Dan arrived for his usual Thrusday martial arts lesson. Today the children practiced striking an object and crossing their hands over their midline (google the importance of this skill for children). They also had to practice catching skills and played some racing games. As always there were lots of laughs and fun to be had.

Next up it was time for our big playground food hunt. We have used the playground hunts to explore lots of different topics like numbers, animals, letters and today was a mix of foods and letters. The children had to work in teams of 2,3 or 4 to find all the pictures and write the letter they saw next to each picture. The hiding places were very tough and the children had to use some our cryptic clues (see below). Once they found all the letters they had to find the educators who gave them all the letters they found and they had to look and a list of words and build the secret code word which was “HEALTHY’. Well done to team Marlie/Asher and also team Ollie/Denis who completed the task the fastest.

In the afternoon we plan to paint some lunch mats using water colour paints, afterwards we will print their names over them to give the children another way of getting familiar with their first and last names and recognising what their name looks like and the letters in their name.

Thank you Kindergarten for a fantastic Thursday, keep up all the good work!

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana