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Welcome to a terrific Tuesday here in the Kindergarten 1 classroom πŸ™‚

Today we started our day with a group time completing our daily calendar and singing our morning songs. We then went to transition into washing hands and self-serving our morning tea.

As our day began, Kindy class helped organize our yard for all of our Riversdale friends to attend a special cultural diversity incursion today! As we all joined for the show, we learnt and engaged with Lucas Proudfoot in his high energy, knowledge and talents to share with us the wonders of the indigenous culture. We danced, listened, sung, played instruments and all happily participated so well for our special guest. Riversdale are very lucky to experience shows like this. Thank you Lucas Proudfoot πŸ™‚

After the show, we all enjoyed some free play outside and participated in a sports and movement session with Mr Andrew. Today we focused on a hoops game. The children got to line up and hear a secret word. When the secret word was called out they had to race into a hoop. If the secret word was β€œapple” the educators tried to trick the children with other β€œa” words like ant or axe. This game allowed the children to develop awareness about letter sounds and was a fun way to learn the alphabet and test their reaction times and running skills. Good job friends!

While some of us attended our weekly Tennis lesson, the rest of us enjoyed an introduction into our new science topic of gravity and marble runs. We experimented and tried out building more elaborate marble runs and have provided the children with a few different resources for them to create their own; a plastic set and two wooden sets. The children began to build an appreciation for gravity and how the system works by marbles moving down the ramps and have built creativity skills to imagine their own course as well as fine motor skills to delicately place the pieces to make the course. We can’t wait to further explore more and create harder courses this week!

It was then time for us to get ready for rest time and enjoy our lunch together. Thank you everyone for a fun filled day and we will see you all soon!

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana