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Hello Riversdale families,

Welcome to a Terrific Tuesday!

After we started our day happily playing in our yard, we all made a smooth transition inside for our morning group time. We welcomed one another and our educators for an inclusive start to our day! Kindergarten revised on our classroom rules and we discussed what they were and why each rule is important. Consistency in letting them recognize and revise our classroom rules allows the children to be able to trust the rules and understand the consequences of breaking them, as well as always creating a safe environment in the Kindergarten 1 class 🙂 During group time we also completed our daily calendar, allowing them to understand and stay connected to their world and environment. Finally, for a transition into the bathroom to wash hands, Kindergarten friends played a name and letter recognition game with Mr Andrew. This helped the children practice recognizing their name and the letters. When they saw name, that person would stand up and go to the bathroom to wash hands ready for Morning tea.

After a refreshing Morning tea, we very much enjoyed a big play inside the classroom! Kindergarten explored their favorite areas and there was lots of positive engagement in multiple activities. We loved our home corner and dress-ups, different puzzles, fine-motor activities, block building and fun board games! All in which help develop our skills and knowledge in many ways! Its amazing how much we can learn and grow through each activity 🙂

Today, we focused on a specific activity which involved the days of the week. We each were given a pair of scissors, a glue-stick, a piece of paper that said “I come to Kindergarten on…” and another piece of paper of each day of the week. We then spoke about what days of the week we come to Kindy. In saying that, we each were asked to cut out and glue on our paper the days of the week each person attends Kindergarten. We are slowly learning and getting to know our days of the week and learning measure of time. They did a great job trying to recognize the days of the week, well done Kindergarten!

It was eventually time for us all to help pack away the activities and toys we were playing with, so we can all go outside for a little physical activity/game with Mr Andrew.

Soon after, it was time for the class to come inside to fill our bellies up with Lunch followed by a quiet rest.

We have had a very productive and positive Tuesday, with lots to take away from. Thank you friends for all your efforts and enthusiasm; See you all soon!

REMINDER: Please ensure that parents/carers sign permission forms for the ‘Pablo the Paramedic Show’ on Wednesday 13th January! Thank you 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana