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Hello Riversdale family and friends,

Welcome to a new week here in the Kindergarten 1 class!

As we started our day with a morning group time, we shared and talked about what we did on our weekends and welcomed one another. We sang some songs and completed our daily calendar. We then transitioned into morning tea and re-energized our bodies.

Kindy class then began their classroom activities. It is great to see the children copy what they see and pretend to do their own group times, reading stories and drawing on the chalkboard, just like they see Mr Andrew do 🙂 We enjoyed many of our special classroom areas and all engaged nicely today!

Kindy class spilt into small groups to play the color traffic game. We counted the traffic that was going past by putting tally marks into a column based on what colour the car was. This was an excellent activity for introducing tally marks to some children and also developing quick observation skills and being able to record information. We then got to discuss what we observed at the end and answer questions like “Which car had the most? and “What was the most popular color?” This was a great outside activity!

Back in the classroom, we continued to practice writing our address. Learning this helps the children build a sense of identity and understanding about the world around them. There was lots of number and letter recognition during this activity. The focus will be about learning the postal system as we are planning on taking a trip down to the post box to post some letters to our houses. We are definitely getting better!

It was then time for us to use our self-help skills and pack away the classroom. We then made our own beds and prepared for lunch and quiet/rest time before going into the treehouse for a quick sports and movement session.

We hope you have all had a happy start to your week and we will see you all very soon 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana