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Hello Riversdale families,

Today we have started our day happily playing and exploring outside with all of our friends. We then came inside to join our morning group time. This morning, Mr Andrew welcomed us all with some songs and we also completed our daily calendar. We transitioned into the bathroom to wash hands with the letter recognition game for each child’s name. We are doing really well catching onto our morning routine in Kindergarten 🙂

For morning tea, all of us used our self-help skills using the tongs and plates to self-serve. Then followed by washing and scrubbing our plates clean and drying them all by ourselves. Well done friends for showing your accountability and initiative!

Inside the classroom Kindergarten had lots to engage in today! We loved doing some arts and craft activities that involved our consistent learning of letters and sounds. We cut out the object/animal and matched it with the letter that it starts with. As well as some collaging and gluing!

We also got to enjoy some fun home-corner dress ups and play, fun in the science corner, puzzles & dominos, and a game of bowling and numbers! We very much enjoyed our play inside today with our class 🙂

After packing away our room, we all participated in some physical play in the dome-stage outside. We got to do some wheel-barrow racing and obstacle courses! All in which helped build our teamwork skills and strengthen our muscles and coordination. We had so much fun!

It was then time for a big lunch and a quiet rest ready for the remainder of our Tuesday!

Thank you Kindergarten for a terrific Tuesday and we will see you all soon!

Kind regards, 
Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana


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