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Happy Nature Week everyone!

The Kindergarten have been acknowledging Nature week by getting outdoors to play more frequently and getting up close and personal with all the natural things in our wonderful gardens. Miss Lea has kindly added some more worms to our worm farm so the children got to explore this area and meet the little skink that eats the bugs and keeps it nice and tidy for the worms. This afternoon we plan to save some of our lunch to feed to the worms as they love vegetables. We also got to water the plants and talk about and taste the different herbs we had in the garden. What a wonderful experience!

At group time this morning we had a special treat with Maia bringing the share bag which contained a hat with her name on it and a greenstone necklace from her grandad. She kindly allowed the children to pass the items around and there were lots of questions which Maia handled well. We also watched a short video to learn about the ANZACs and why they are important.

After our group time and morning tea we took turns making our own Poppy flowers to commemorate ANZAC day and we will place these in the foyer on Friday. The activity challenged their physical skills like drawing, cutting and gluing and it was great to hear the discussions about our video happening in the process.

Just before lunch we headed outdoors to play in the playground where the children enjoyed activities such as playing on the swings, reading books, playing in the sandpit and recently there have been a few children trying hard to conquer the monkey bars and get all the way across without falling.

Mr Trevor also arrived for his weekly tennis session and the children are really beginning to develop some excellent hand-eye coordination skills and it shows in the games we play during our sport and movement sessions.

In the afternoon we plan to play some musical games and get outdoors early again to make the most of Nature week by having a nature hunt where the children have checklists and have to find some natural things.

Thanks for joining us today! Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana

P.S our home reading program is beginning today so if you would like to take a book home then ask Mr Andrew and he will be able to get you a reading checklist to take home