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Hello everyone, welcome to a terrific Tuesday!

Kindergarten class joined for a morning group time with Mr Andrew as we read a story of our choice called ‘Flashing Fire Engines’, followed by completing our daily calendar together. We then re-energized our bodies with some morning tea and had a big drink of water as it was a very hot and sunny morning!

Today, Kindergarten 1 focused on completing and making our Chinese New Year Lanterns. We colored, painted, stamped, cut and clued our special paper to make our very own lanterns! It was tricky but we all enjoyed the process and got there in the end 🙂

We also got to enjoy some of our favorite classroom activities. We particularly loved our role-play and imaginative play today! Kindergarten loved putting on their very own puppet show and performing for their friends! We also played dentists and doctors, dress-ups, shop keepers and lots of cooking fun! Imaginative play is awesome for the children to develop social skills and actively experiment with actual life roles. It also builds their self confidence and increases their intellectual growth. Plus its what we love do and makes us happy 🙂

It was then time for us to use our self-help skills as a class and pack away the toys to get ready for a quick physical game outside. Some of us got to attend Tennis today while the rest of us enjoyed a little outdoor fun!

After that, we all come inside to wash hands, fill our bellies up with lunch and have a quiet rest, ready for the rest of our Tuesday.

Thank you friends for today, see you all very soon!

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana