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Hello everyone,

Welcome to a terrific Tuesday here in the Kindergarten 1 room!

Today was another inside day due to the weather conditions and Kindergarten class sure did make the most of it!

We started it off with a happy morning group time, singing some songs and reading a special story that related to yesterday’s celebration of Harmony Day. The book was called ‘An ABC of equality’. The book allowed us to practice the alphabet as well as incorporate a different meaning for each letter that reflected quality and what Harmony day is all about through special messages. What a lovely book!

After some morning tea, Kindy class began exploring the classroom activities. Today we engaged in many different activities such as a felt craft activity that allowed us to make our own people and pick how they look. We also had multi-colored magic sand play and did some reading. All of these activities allowed us to celebrate the special day in some way and Kindergarten would like to thank Miss Nads for providing us with it all today 🙂

Today, we got involved in an arts and craft activity that involved collaging and coloring. The children had a variety of materials, colors and paper and each were given the opportunity to choose what they wanted themselves and express/create what they wished to. Seeing the end result showed us all the difference in how we do things and think, but how each one still looked beautiful! This was a successful representation of the celebration too! Well done friends 🙂

After playtime and packing away our activities, we all joined for an afternoon group time. Connor.S was eager to show us the adventures that he took Bob the Sloth on and we could tell that Bob loved his stay at the Spiers house this week. Thank you Connor for sharing, I wonder who the next person will be for his next adventure 🙂 We then read a story ‘There was an old lady’ and used our puppets and the song to make the story come to life. We had lots of fun!

It was then time for us all to join on the tables and have lots of lunch and water followed by a quiet rest, ready for the remainder of our day.

We hope you have all stayed safe with all this rain and have had a fabulous day!

Kind regards,

Miss Tatyana and Miss Connie