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Welcome to our second day of book week! Today we enjoyed “Dinosaur Dump” and “Toy Story” from Connor and Arlo at group time and many other children had their books out sharing them throughout the day. The costumes have also been a great talking point throughout the day sparking lots of discussions and wonder!

As it rained quite heavily this morning we decided to make our cubby houses in the morning time. The educators brought in lots of different objects for the children to make their huts like sheets, rugs, chairs, tables, large building blocks, teepees, large crash mats. The children worked in 3 big groups to make 3 different cubby houses and check out the results in the photos!

Other exciting activities we did today included starting our own storybooks. This has been a popular activity throughout the year and hopefully the children have found some inspiration from the new stories we have been reading. These stories are a great wat to develop imagination, creativity, problem solving as well as fine motor skills to draw the pictures and write the words.

Outdoors we played some games in the tree house for our sport and movement session as well as some cricket to challenge our gross motor skills. Our sandpit has had a fresh load of sand as well so the children have been eagerly getting involved in this space as well.

We have our Professor Jellybean show tomorrow for the Kindy 1 class so come prepared to be amazed and learn some new things about science!

Thanks for reading our blog today.

Mr Andrew and Miss Maddie