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Welcome friends and families of the Kindy 1 class!

Today we all joined for our morning group time, completing our daily calendar and practicing our days of the weeks, counting and months of the year. We also were introduced to the making of a Treasure Map and discussed the things required to make one of our own.

After morning tea, Kindergarten class began their classroom activities. Today we extended on our discussion and we started to make our treasure maps. Kindy class got pieces of paper and painted it with some coffee and water. After letting them dry, we watched the white paper turn into a different and more dated piece of paper in which they can create a real life treasure map. Since we have been learning the directions of a map (north, south, east and west) and we have also looked at many other aspects of locations and the concept of a map and compass so that we can create the best treasure maps we’ve ever made! We look forward to further extend on this throughout the week and see how they each turn out.

Today we also played a fun number hunting game. We were given a checklist of numbers 1-20 (based on each child’s skill level) and had to find each of them around the classroom. We could only use a resource once through (e.g. they can only use 1 number from the number chart). This activity helped develop observation skills, memory recall to quickly find numbers they have seen before and problem solving skills to think of new places to find numbers. We really enjoyed the hunting game today and did really well, good job friends!

While some of us attended Tennis with Mr Trevor today, the rest of us headed to the treehouse for a sports and movement session with Mr Andrew. Today we got involved in some soccer games. We did a big penalty shootout which developed our kicking and aiming skills for shooters and reaction and hand-eye coordination skills for goalies. We also incorporated numbers with how many goals we scored.

Soon it was time for us all to prepare ourselves for rest time and enjoy some Kindy lunch! We then continued on with our Science topic of the week and engaged in exploring how natural disasters occur like volcanoes shown through playdough. We will further extend on the topic during the rest of the week and we can’t wait 🙂

Thank you Kindergarten for a Terrific Tuesday!

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana