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Welcome back to a new week everyone!

We started our day with a morning group time as a class. Kindergarten 1 friends discussed how our weekends were and the celebration of ANZAC day. We then completed our daily calendar and worked together to count the days and months. We also read a story book chosen by the children before it was time for us all to transition into morning tea.

For today’s learning activities kindy class participated in a letter scramble activity. This involved cutting out the letters of their name from a scrambled up version on the paper. The children then had to sound it out, identify their name and glue them in the correct order. This really helped develop our fine motor skills with cutting, gluing and placing the letters correctly. As well as build letter recognition and phonic recognition skills. We did a great job!

As the children engaged in many of their favorite classroom activities and games, we also gave a new clock game a go! We were asked to find pictures in the playground of a digital clock time and analogue clock time, then had to draw the hands on the blank clocks on their worksheets to match the time. This activity definitely helped build number recognition skills, an appreciation for how the clock and time works, persistence to find the different clocks and observation skills to figure out which clock to draw on based on the numbers. We really enjoyed this one!

While some of our friends went to attend their weekly tennis lesson, the rest of us joined outside for a sports and movement session with Miss Tatyana. Today we got to collect a ball that was rolling towards us and throw it in the net. We extended on the skill by bouncing the ball and also throwing it in the air for our friends to catch before they throw, adding competition by placing them in teams to see who can score first, building counting and number recognition skills by keeping score and building a love and excitement for physical activity!

We then came inside to prepare ourselves for rest time and have a big lunch!

We hope you have all had a terrific Tuesday and we will see you all very soon 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana