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Welcome to the Tuesday blog here in the Kindy 1 classroom. Today we enjoyed our full class today with not one person away. The children excitedly found their friends in the morning and began their games. Digging in the sandpit and roaming in and out the tree house where the most popular activities this morning as well as some imagination games in the wooden boat.

As we came indoors we called our roll, changed the calendar and heard about Bob the Sloth’s adventures with Noah. Afterwards we enjoyed some delicious morning tea. With full tummies the children had some free choice from the shelves while the educators helped some children to make some popsicle stick people that we will use later for some role playing games and scenarios. The children enjoy using them at group or music time as well.

Others enjoyed some number games with Mr Andrew. The children enjoy testing themselves at whatever level they are at whether that is counting, number recognition, sequencing, adding and subtracting, place order. More important than understanding numbers is actually being able to problem solve and persist with a topic which the children are definitely improving on. To extend on this Miss Nads let us count the money donated to for the cystic fibrosis foundation which was a great opportunity to explore the currency in the form of coins and notes.

Outdoors we played various sports with the equipment from the shed. Miss Jade also brought out the streamers to dance to some music. Later in the afternoon we plan to do our long jump event, yesterday we had high jump and the educators were impressed with how much the children challenged themselves.

We’ve added a wonderful video of the Kindy class cheering on their peers which has likely sprung up from our Olympics focus and cheering each other on during the events. Well done Kindy class, everyone in the line got a big cheer as they went across the monkey bars.

Enjoy your afternoons everyone and thank you for reading our blog today.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jade