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Hello Riversdale families,

Welcome to a terrific Tuesday!

As we started our day with our morning group time, we welcomed one another and our educators for an inclusive start to our day! We also completed our daily calendar and did a number recognition card game to transition smoothly to wash hands and have some morning tea. Thank you Floyd for bringing your fruit flash cards, they were related to our food topics this week and were great for learning our numbers and sequencing up to 15.

After we self-served and packed away our water bottles and plates, Kindergarten  enjoyed some exploring inside the classroom environment! We indulged in lots of home corner play with some doctors and hair dressing kits! And did lots of fun water-color painting and drawing!

Mr Andrew sat with a small group of children and made some collage posters about foods that we want to try. It was a great activity for practicing cutting and gluing skills and also let us talk about the reasons why we might not like a food but how we can try things again and again and begin to like them. It was awesome to hear at lunch time some of the children telling the educators that they were trying new foods today. We will soon bring in our sticker chart which I’m sure will help the children to try and even wider range of foods.

We had Miss Denise helping us out today and she took some children up into the tree house for some music and dancing “in the rain”. The children loved getting outdoors under covers despite the rainy weather. Hopefully we can get out again to play some of our sport and movement games but if we don’t we might enjoy some more music and dancing indoors.

Mr Trevor also arrived to talk about his tennis class happening Tuesdays (sign up information will be on a flyer in your child’s bag).

Thanks for reading our blog today and stay dry everyone!

Mr Andrew, Miss Tatyana and Miss Denise