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Happy Tuesday everyone. Let us share with you what the Kindy 1 class have done today.

Our mornings are often a time to get active and use up lots of energy with ball games, tag, exploring the playground for new resources and also plenty of imagination games.

As we came indoors we had our usual group time where we made sure to switch on our ears, focus on our teachers and friends when they are speaking and put our hands up when we have questions. Group times have lots of learning opportunities and it helps prepare children for prep where they will have certain tasks they need to complete or learn so will need great listening, observation and critical thinking skills.

Our planned activities today included some alphabet playdough activities where the children had to try and make the letters in their names. Others enjoyed the traffic counting activity with Miss Jade where they had to use tally marks to count when certain coloured cars drove past. This activity is a great introduction into observing and recording data and learning the use of tally marks. Our last morning activity was some road safety lessons with toy cards, roads and people. We learnt about how to cross roads safely and what certain road signs mean. We look forward to bringing them outdoors and using them on our outdoor road with the bikes.

Another fun game today included a blindfolded game where the children had to direct someone with a blindfold to avoid the “rocks” with commands like “forward, back, stop, left, right and go”. We have been doing lots of games to target verbal language skills and the ability to describe a situation or give instructions to another person.

In the afternoon we plan to play some Pictionary games and other small group games as these are great social opportunities and well as cognitive learning.

Thanks for reading our blog today and have a great evening everyone!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jade