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Hello Riversdale families,

Welcome to a terrific Tuesday!

We started our day playing outside waiting for all of our friends to arrive. It was a perfect and happy morning with all of us settling into the day.

As we came inside for morning tea, Kindergarten joined for our group time with Miss Tatyana. We worked together to complete our daily calendar as usual and did a little Show and Tell as Tanner and Charlie wanted to share something special with the class. Thank you friends for sharing 🙂 We then spoke on the importance of Sun safety and how we can make sun smart choices. This was an introduction into Sun safety so that Kindergarten are ready to extend on the topic through some planned activities ahead.

As we enjoyed some free-play within the classroom, we engaged in a little activity in our science corner that extended on from this morning’s talk and this weeks focus on our UV light box. We each had a white piece of paper that had our names on it drawn on with sunscreen! We couldn’t see what name was written until we put it under the blue UV light. We then discussed the effects that sunscreen has when the light (sun’s ray) hit our skin and the importance it has in keeping us healthy and safe. This was an effective science activity that helped educate and demonstrate to the children the effects of the sun’s light and sunscreen. They thoroughly enjoyed participating in this activity!

Amongst other activities, Kindergarten particularly enjoyed their home corner play, puzzles and having fun with creating their own puppet show! The room was full of energy and enthusiasm today! 🙂

Some of us also got to participate in our weekly Tennis class and were eager to join and give it a go. We encourage parents to sign their children up if they feel like it is something that could benefit their child. 

It was then time for Kindergarten to use their self-help skills and work together to tidy the classroom, so that we could enjoy a fun game up in our treehouse before lunch and rest time.

Thank you friends for a great day! See you all soon 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana