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Hello Riversdale families,

Welcome to a terrific Tuesday!

This morning we started our day with music time with Miss Tatyana, singing some of our favorite songs and playing with our musical instruments. What a fun start to our day 🙂

We then got a visit from the lovely Miss Jess for a Chinese lesson. Today we focused on how to say and count from 1-10 in Mandarin. We read a special book and learnt a new song that helped us memorize the numbers. It was tricky but we did so well, good job Kindergarten!

Following on form that we did a little group time with Mr Andrew. We extended on our topic of RECYCLING and he showed us our new bin that is for recycling only. we talked about what materials could go in there and where we will keep it.

After re-energizing our bodies with some morning tea, Kindergarten enjoyed many inside experiences. We especially loved our coloring pencils and gel pens, puzzle games and block building. The children even got to be involved in a little activity that reflected this week’s topic. They got to use their imaginations and create different animals and objects out of our box of recycled materials. Some of us created helicopters, snakes, Christmas trees, rocket ships and many more. It was awesome to see their creations come to life! This was a great activity that helped the children reduce waste and teaches them the importance of reusing and conserving Earth’s resources. This can help be a lesson that they can carry with themselves throughout their lives and make them better global citizens of the future 🙂

It was eventually time for Kindergarten to help pack away the classroom and for some of us to attend our weekly Tennis lesson, while the rest of us enjoyed an outside experience with a new game. We got to participate in a fun treasure hunt game that involved finding the numbers in Chinese. There were pictures and words that helped us recognize and understand 1-10 easier and we were then on the hunt to match the cards and pictures. This was a great experience to help extend on our Chinese lesson earlier today. We really enjoyed it!

Following on form that, we all made our way inside and prepared ourselves for lunch and rest time. We have had a fun-filled day and hope you all have too 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana