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Welcome to our Wednesday blog for the Kindergarten 1 classroom 🙂

Today we had a lovely morning outdoors with some occasionally clouds coming over to cool us down as we ran around playing tag, hide and seek, riding on the bikes and climbing the hills. We also worked together to make a colourful block rainbow as colours were our theme of the day.

At group time we flew through our calendar as the children are getting so good at their days, numbers and months. We also read a farm book that Carter brought from home and finished with a rainbow sing language song (see how many signs for colours your children can remember). After our delicious morning tea we settled into some free choice activities such as cooking in the home corner, making collage pictures from tattered books and exploring the other activities from the shelf.

While that was happening the teachers took one child aside at a time to do a time test to see how many colours they could name in one minute. It was exciting fun and interesting to see the different strategies from looking around the room, to their clothing to staring at the sky to think hard about other colours they knew. Well done to Asher, Carter and Chi who got top scores of 11.

Just before lunch we got outside again for some active play and we will hopefully head out again after food and quiet time for some cricket games.

Thanks for joining us today and enjoy your evenings.

Mr Andrew, Miss Tatyana