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Hello everyone,

Welcome to a wonderful Wednesday!

Today, Kindergarten class started their day with a morning group time as usual. We completed our daily calendar and spoke about the special occasions that are happening for us during March. It’s great when we are aware of the environment in which we live and understand months, dates and the weather. We also played a little game on the whiteboard that helped us identify where we live and what an address is. We also engaged in Show and Tell as Kaylee brought back the Share Bag and told the class all about her 2 new dolls. Thank you Kaylee for sharing with us all, we look forward to see who will be next to take home the Share Bag.

We then served ourselves some morning tea and began the classroom activities. We loved our puzzle shelf, play-dough fun and reading in our calm area. Today, we also did an activity that extended on our chat this morning about where we live and addresses. The children each had a go at practicing to write our addresses and understanding how or why it is important. This was great for us to also practice our writing skills!

As some of us attended our weekly Big Little Sports Soccer lesson with Coach, Kindergarten participated in planting some seedlings in our garden and were introduced to our new compost bin. As the children quickly adapted to make sure they put all paper scraps into our recycling bin, now we will introduce our compost bin that we can put food scraps into! Each activity we have done every day this week has helped expand their knowledge on our topic of RECYCLING.

After packing away the room, we all joined for a little sports and movement session with Mr Andrew and let out a lot of our energy before rest time.

It was then time for us all to fill our bellies up with a big lunch, drink lots of water and were ready for the rest of our Wednesday.

We hope everyone has had a lovely day and we will see you all very soon 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana