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Hello everyone, welcome to today’s blog 🙂

Today Kindergarten 1 started their day amongst the outdoor yard, waiting for all of our friends to arrive and attending our weekly Little Big Sports soccer lesson. We then came inside and joined as a class for our morning group time.

During group time, we asked if any of the children had received their letters from our little excursion last week. India showed us that her letter had arrived and we opened it and read it to the class. We all got very excited and anticipated to see if our letters have arrived in our mailbox’s at home. We also completed our daily calendar, spoke about any special occasions coming up and the weather that we have experienced.

After re-energizing our bodies with some morning tea we began our classroom activities. Today we got to take part in a little domino game. This incorporated the children’s number recognition, counting and fine-motor skills. We made domino chains to get from one target to another so that they knock each other over successfully. We then assigned each player a number and when their number is generated from a random number generator they can add a domino to their line. The first to the finish line wins. We really enjoyed this one!

We also got to extend on our focus of gravity and marble runs. We began building more elaborate marble runs through many of our classroom resources and sets. The children explored how the system works by marbles moving down their ramps and aiming to hit an end target. They did this through trial and error, angles and dynamics. They were able to develop persistence and an ability to adapt to try different combinations and solutions to the problem. You can see through some of the photos the different ramps and courses that we made today 🙂

After engaging in some of our favorite classroom activities, we then participated in a quick sports and movement session with Mr Andrew. Today we got involved in some locomotion games. We got to move around the tree house in different ways and then quickly getting into groups of whatever the educator called out. There were also a catching game called the “castle game” where we were to move up or down the line depending if they caught the ball or not. We love our little sports and movement sessions and being active!

The time then came for us all to transition into lunch and rest time, ready for the remainder of our Wednesday.

We hope you have all enjoyed your day and we will see you all very soon 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana

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