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Welcome to our wonderful Wednesday here in the Kindergarten 1 classroom. Have a read of our blog and see what we have been up to today.

We headed straight outdoors early this morning to make the most of the pleasant Autumn sun as it warmed the playground. Popular activities today included playing in the little “shop” set ups scattered around the playground as well as playing under the tree house in the shady sandpit and swings.

As we came indoors we had a group time that included the roll, changing our calendar and getting ready for morning tea. Half the class ate early while the others went to Little Big Sport Soccer lesson where they enjoyed testing out their kicking skills by dribbling the ball, kicking into goals and weaving around different obstacles.

Our morning activities today included:

  • Making our own play money – using rulers and coloured pencils to copy the Australian play money
  • Making our own “lava” – mixing together corn flour, water and food colouring to make some gloop (Lava)

These activities both helped develop fine motor skills and also gave the children a sense of accomplishment that they can carry out a project and see the end product.

In the afternoon we plan to explore the side garden next to the Kindergarten classroom to try and build up an interest in our garden, worm farm and compost bin again for the upcoming “Nature Play week” starting today.

Thanks for joining us today and see you again soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana