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Greetings everyone, welcome to the Kindy blog today. The weather was a little more overcast but this was great for racing around and not getting too hot with our games.

Miss Lara and Miss Lyn were with the children this morning where they enjoyed some group time games like building a snowman and adding different features to the drawing. We then sat down for our morning tea.

Our morning activities included:

  • Flag drawing – continuing on from yesterday we explored some different flags and practiced our pencil grip and colouring skills
  • Crack the secret code – using a symbol code to decipher a message about the location of secret treasure, the children had to use observation and problem solving skills to recognise the symbols,
  • Making books – Oliver F brought in a sticker book to hand out to friends who then used them to make their own books
  • Charades – acting out the

Outdoors we made some wonderful sand creations like tunnels and sand castles. Getting down into the wetter more compacted sand has allowed the children to get very creative with their structures.

After lunch we settled down into some quiet time activities like Lego building, puzzles, stories and board games. Later in the afternoon we plan to do some sign language games and activities and complete some worksheets relating to sign language colours which the children have been practicing.

That’s all for today, have a great afternoon!

Mr Andrew, Miss Lara and Miss Lyn