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Welcome to today’s blog for Kindergarten 1!

This morning we began our day with an inclusive group time. We welcomed one another and completed our daily calendar, followed by singing some of our sign language songs. During group time, we also revisited our Being and Becoming books as a class. We discussed what it means to feel things like confidence, appreciation, empathy, etc. These feelings are important as it allows us to be connected and stay in-tune with ourselves, people and the world around us.

After refreshing our bodies with some morning tea, Kindy class got to attend their weekly Big Little Sports soccer lesson with their coaches. In the meantime, the rest of us began our classroom activities for the day. One activity that we focused on was a reflection of our Science topic of the week ‘The Human Body’. Today we went through a bones slideshow and looked at some posters. We learnt more about bones and the skeleton of our human bodies. We took whatever information we could from our slideshow and posters and then discussed and were asked questions about it. It was awesome to see the answers that we had formed based on information we were given and had taken in. Good job friends!

Today we then looked at measuring our heights. We lied on the wooden floor and measured how tall each of us were. We then challenged ourselves to line up from shortest to tallest to see if we could arrange ourselves correctly on our own. Finally, we discussed how genetics impact how tall we are and how people grow differently at different stages of their lives. Our skills of observation were vital for this little challenge.

Today in Kindy 1 we worked on finishing off some of our focused activities of this month, like our story book making, pirate maps and our friendship posters. We have thoroughly enjoyed the making of all these activities and we have been working really hard on them 🙂

It was then time to help pack away and head outside for a quick sports and movement session with our teachers. Today we did some meteor dodging. One of us had a circle area to move around in and our other friends had to try and hit us with a “meteor” (bean bag). This game helped develop throwing and dodging skills as well as aiming hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. We love our sports and movement session!

Kindy class then transitioned into lunch time and enjoyed their quiet/rest time.

We have had a wonderful Wednesday and we will see you all very soon 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana