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Hello everyone,

Welcome to a wonderful Wednesday in the Kindergarten 1 classroom 🙂

We started our day full of excitement and energy as we got into the spirit of Saint Patrick’s day! Lots of us showed up in green and leprechaun hats and we saw some new activities set up for us to enjoy 🙂

This morning we joined for a group time where we completed our daily calendar and spoke about today’s date, event and weather. We then played a fun whiteboard game where we each took a guess what was in Mr Andrew’s funny hat. Each of our guesses were different and creative; it was great to see!

After having some morning tea, our soccer friends went to attend their Big Little Sports lesson with Coach. And the rest of us began exploring today’s classroom activities.

Today, we had a variety of new experiences that in some way reflected on celebrating St Patrick’s Day. We had some green clay and some arts and craft activities. These activities involved painting rainbows and a pot of gold, leprechaun hats and shamrocks. We also used some color lentils to make the Irish flag. This allowed the children to explore a different culture, learn new words, build their fine motor skills with the crafts, be creative and use different materials like scissors, paper, glue, paints etc. A big thank you to Miss Nads for providing these lovely activities for all of us to enjoy!

After our inside activities, Kindergarten joined for a sports and movement session with Mr Andrew. We participated in some teamwork throwing games. The children stood in hoops and had to pass the ball along the line to get it to the other side without dropping it. We extended the difficulty by moving the hoops further apart or using smaller balls. This was great for us to work on skills like hand-eye coordination, communicating (gestures & words to make sure the other person is ready), persisting with difficulties, trying our best at games, recognizing different ability levels and working together to achieve the goal!

It was then time for us all to enjoy some Irish dancing songs and read a St Patrick’s Day story! We then got ready for big lunch and for us all to have a quiet rest.

Thank you friends for today! We hope you have all had a happy Wednesday!

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana