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Happy Wednesday everyone or “soccer day” as many of our children call it. At Little Big Sport soccer today the children enjoyed building their dribbling, passing and shooting skills to develop great foundational skills heading into organised sport. These lessons provide lots of other benefits like social skills to play and work with others, comprehension skills to understand the instructions and problems solving to tackle the task at hand. Most of all the sessions are about building confidence and having fun!

Indoors we had small group times for each of the soccer and non-soccer groups. We did some show and tell moments and also a number recognition game that incorporated some left and right learning as well.

Later in the morning we gathered to look at our wand designs from yesterday ang get to work making them today. We stuck some coloured tape and painted parts of our wands. The children practiced going from the theoretical wands in their designs to make them look realistic to their design. With the colour schemes completed we will work on gluing the various pieces to our wands the next time the children are at Kindergarten.

Our bug show couldn’t turn up today so instead Miss Jess helped the children make some caterpillars using cupcake wrappers, and felt pens. It was a very fun activity with lots of creativity and imagination shown. Well done Kindy class!

Outdoors the children had plenty of free play time to dig in the sandpit, play some ball games like basketball and freeze tag and some really enjoyed the Meteor game that we have been practicing where one person is the throwing and everyone else stands in the circle and dodges the meteors. Great for throwing skills, dodging skills, managing winning and losing games, building a sense of persistence.

That’s all from the Kindy 1 today. Thanks for reading our blog.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess