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Hello everyone,

Welcome to a wonderful Wednesday!

Kindergarten started their day with their usual morning group time. We read a story book, sang some songs and completed our daily calendar. As Bob the Sloth returned from his adventures with Willow this week, she showed us all the fun that they had! Bob the sloth and Willow ate some yummy pancakes, sat on the swing together and went to the shops and ate some sushi. Thank you Willow for sharing and for taking Bob The sloth! I wonder who’s next for Bob’s next adventure!

We then transitioned to eat some fresh morning tea and began our classroom activities! Some of our friends attended their Big Little Sports lesson today and loved playing soccer with their friends! 

Back in the room, Kindergarten engaged in many of their favorite classroom activities. There was lots of home corner play, fine-motor practice activities and drawing! Today, we particularly loved getting involved in 2 new games that were added to our classroom resources! We loved using our imaginations and creative skills to play Pictionary and Charades! We played in groups and was awesome to see the enthusiasm and confidence grow in each child! Well done Kindergarten 🙂

We then packed away all of our fun and put sunscreen and hats on for a quick physical activity of a catching, throwing and color-recognition game outside with Miss Tatyana. It was good to see everyone get involved and use their coordination and skills.

It was then time for us all to come inside and prepare for lunch and rest time. We filled our bellies up and relaxed, ready for the rest of our Wednesday!

We hope you have all had a happy Wednesday and we will see you all very soon 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana