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Welcome to today’s blog!

This morning Kindergarten finally got to explore outside and enjoy the senior building yard while we waited for all of our friends to arrive.

Making the transition into group time, Kindergarten welcomed one another and our educators followed by completing our daily calendar. We spoke about the weather changes and how happy we were to get some sunshine. We also discussed what we were doing today and allowed the children to prepare and get excited for the activities ahead.

After using our self-help skills for morning tea, Kindergarten began their classroom activities. As well as free-play and providing a choice for each child and their interests, the children got to experience some special activities today. There was even our Big Little Sports Soccer lesson today with coach.

Back in the room, we had lots of play-dough making fun. Kindy class incorporated the alphabet and letter making with the playdough. The aim of this was for the children to navigate the letters of their name and try and make those letters with the playdough. This was a great sensory activity that helped us practice our letter recognition.

There was also an activity that involved making our very own dice! We each got to cut, glue and label our dice for it to come together and choose weather we wanted to write the numbers on each side or draw the amount of dots. Extending on that, the children then got to play number bingo using their dice. What an awesome activity!

We then joined on the mat for a little afternoon group time. We read a story today called ‘Where’s the spider?’ and played some class games. As well as free-play, we love having the opportunity to engage in activities as a cohort. 

Soon after we put our hats and sunscreen on and went outside in the treehouse for a little sports and movement session with Miss Tatyana. This was then followed by lunch time and a quiet rest. 

Thank you Kindergarten 1 for a wonderful Wednesday 🙂

Kind regards,

Miss Tatyana and Miss Vanessa