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Hello Riversdale families,

We hope you have all had a happy Australia Day! Welcome back to a wonderful Wednesday!

As we started this bright and sunny morning playing in our yard, we came inside for our morning group time. We sat with our Kindergarten friends and educators as we welcomed one another and talked about what we did yesterday. We also completed our daily Calendar and it is great to see us all being able to recognize the days and months of the week/year! We then did a little Show and Tell as Indi showed the class her special collection of seashells! We love hearing from each member of the class and what they want to share with us all. It is perfect to develop confidence and our public speaking skills 🙂 As a class, we then voted between 3 of our favorite songs this week to sing before having morning tea. The winning song for today was our ABC flash card song and we were all eager to sing along 🙂

After re-energizing our bodies with some morning tea, Kindergarten enjoyed some free-play inside the classroom. We engaged in some of our favorite activities and there were even some table activities that we could each complete in small groups. We did a special “What I love about Australia?” activity, where we would discuss what we love about our beautiful country in the spirit of Australia Day! We drew some pictures which reflected on their interests and feelings about Australia 🙂 Some drew the sun, the beach, some animals, their friends and their family; Good job Kindergarten!

We then got a visit from the Big Little Sports coach, and today we all got to participate in the class! We very much enjoyed it and we all got to see if it was something that our mums and dads would like to sign us up for! We came back excitedly with stickers, wrist bands and a pamphlet on a little bit about the class and loved playing soccer today! Thank you coach for this opportunity 🙂

Back in the room, our Kindergarten friends all helped pack away for an afternoon group time. We played some games as a class like bowling, puppets, and a card matching game. It is really good to also be able to join in games and activities as a class and cohort! We had lots of fun!

Soon it was time for us all to get ourselves ready for a big lunch and a quiet rest, ready for the remainder of our day.

Thank you friends for an a wonderful Wednesday 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana